Eastern Visayas Techno Gabay Summit 2019


Latest from ATI in Eastern Visayas

Root Crops for Feeds

Baybay City, Leyte – Raising livestock is one of the common businesses one can engage in. However, feeds and its ever increasing prices are often the downfall of these supposedly promising agri-business.

OA, The JADAM Way!

Babatngon, Leyte - For years, the Agricultural Training Institute has been promoting natural ways of farming through Organic Agriculture. Recently, JADAM farming was introduced as a response to the inevitable inflation of production inputs. This technology introduces farmers to an ultra-low cost way of organic farming.

Quail production nests in Burauen

Burauen, Leyte - Quails may be known as “game” or “hunting” birds but they too can be raised in a way that would enhance farm productivity or even add employment to people venturing in its production. With the increase in demand for quail eggs, quail production might be a lucrative business opportunity for farm families.

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"For Miguel “Mike” Pedroso, no municipality or province shall be known to be the only source of the EVIARC Sweet. It is truly admirable for one to have such dreams as he isn’t even a native of Calbayog. Watch his story through this KMK video "