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This Blog is a compendium of my own close encounters of the real kind with the intricate albeit common place ICT in the world of agricultural extension. Here you will find too my post-training support on non-linear digital presentations, e-learning fixes and anything in between and beyond...rey alo

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Leean Espino

Leean Espino

Norma Maddalora

Norma Maddalora

Vic Thor Palarca

Thought Balloon

It started with reading comic books, thus the blog's name. Here you can read some of my musings as I travel the road (or fly high) with colleagues and thoughts about the institution's scope and coverage.

I don't have a green thumb but part of the things I do (supernatural or otherwise) is promote and popularize the nameless folks and unsung heroes who have been feeding me and have been ever since greening the land.

I will try to update this entry once in every leap year.

Nowadays, I prefer trade paperbacks.