Building Dreams, Reaching the Unreached, Changing Lives

One of the concerns close to Director Asterio P. Saliot’s heart is increasing the skills and competency all agriculture and fisheries extension personnel and providing equal the opportunity for them to practice their craft. He believes that by providing the right environment for the enhancement of the knowledge, skills and capacities of extension personnel the goal of delivering efficient and quality training and extension services will be realized.
Through innovative training and extension modalities and empowered agriculture extension personnel, the young farmers and fishers will be enticed to engage in agricultural endeavors and be transformed into savvy farmer and fisher entrepreneurs and play a major role as catalyst of development for the agriculture sector.
The briefing on ATI programs and services held last May 6, 2011 for a possible partnership between ATI and the Technology Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) brought the Institute closer towards these goals.
Executive Director Martha M. Hernandez of the TVET Systems Development Office of TESDA was as excited as Director Saliot on the possibilities that the partnership will create since TESDA is one of the agencies cited in the AFMA to provide technology education and skills development of which skills and competency certification is one of the services of the agency.
In 2010 alone, ATI produced some 72,668 graduates from the various training courses and support services it conducted. About 15,002 of which were agricultural extension workers and 35,210 were farmers. The potential and opportunities for the ATI client-beneficiaries are just so great given skills and competency certifications by TESDA.
Director Saliot hopes TESDA will provide competency assessment and certification for DA training and extension personnel, and graduates from ATI season-long training courses in its farmer field schools. The TESDA skills and competency certification will surely empower the recipients because they can use their expertise for higher compensation and other value adding activities while earning from their regular extension work or farming enterprise.
Another avenue will surely be opened with TESDA's registered agriculture and fishery schools as sites for possible establishment of agriculture and fisheries technology demonstrations. ATI can tap these schools for the Youth in Agriculture Ladderized Scholarship Program thus increasing the opportunity for the youth in the rural areas.
Director Saliot committed to create a technical working group to work with TESDA in the crafting of the Memorandum of Agreement and Terms of Reference between the ATI and TESDA.
Curiously, TESDA’s agency slogan “reaching the unreached” and ATI’s motto “building dreams and changing lives” complement each other and this bodes well for our extension work force and our clients in the agriculture sector.
Indeed, through partnerships we can realize our aspirations for our clients. Through cooperation, we can reach the unreached and through commitment, we can change the lives of the people we have sworn to serve. (Athena Agape B. Baguisi)



Yes, I absolutely agree with this post. Our farmers and fishermen should be given equal opportunity in their field because it's their way of living. What is happening now is, most of our land for farming and most fishpen are owned by the foreigners. Let us give our fellow country men the priority to livelihood.