An AEW's Prayer for Lent

Dear Lord;
Your Love for me is beyond comprehension;
You suffered and died to redeem me from my wickedness
You have risen from death so that I may live
You have overcomed death
So I may know that you are the God of Life
Dear Lord,
This week of Lent , I pray
Cause these things in me to die..
                My …..
    Insensitivity to the needy and the helpless;
    Apathy to the plight of the weak and the oppressed ;
    Inaction to implement projects that can feed the hungry; and
     Bitterness to those who have wronged and caused me pain

Grant in me these things to live …
    Hope that my country can overcome poverty and hunger;
    Belief that the small farmers and fisherfolks can overcome their plight;
    Peace to live in harmony with everyone even to the unlovable, and ..
    Courage that I can do great things
              Because you will guide me and strengthen me
              Throughout  the days of my life…

Amen !