Organic Learning site: a morning hang-out

Lately, I noticed that every morning when I enter in our office, some of ATI MIMAROPA staff spends few minutes in organic learning site opposite to the entrance gate before starting office works. With curiosity, I joined them walking around and to my surprise there’s a big transformation in the area! From being idle, it is converted into productive organic learning site. I can’t help but took photo of these plants and appreciate the effort of the people behind the scene.

The 2000 sq.m. area was established last September 2013 managed by Mr. Ruben Jugno (OA Focal Person) with Mr. Jay-ar Madriaga as farm worker.
This is the front view of the site. The Nipa Hut "kubo" also serves as venue for those who wants a fresh air/open air training hall. The area is not yet completely finished but there are vegetables that are harvestable and ready to sell.

Adjacent to the road, planted are pole sitao, sili, papaya, pipino, eggplant and tomato. 

There are also experimments they do in the site like tomato shoot grafted to eggplant, or tomato twig planted directly to the soil. Plastic bottle and bamboo pole were used for growing pechay and lettuce. To make the soil fertile, compost were come from the harvest of "lababoy's" beddings and vermi cast located inside the compound of the center.

Ducks were used to control the snails in the rice fields and the manure serves as feeds for 2000 pcs tilapia in the fishpond together with azolla and kangkong.

The area became part of the showcase which the center offered every training and visitors or walk-in clients visiting the office aside from "Lababoy", green house and adlai techno demo. Recently, policemen and seminarians were toured in the area. Soon they will make it a "pick and pay" area.

With the sun rising behind the garden, I wonder why the ATI MIMAROPA organic learning site became the morning hang out of the staff