Tide Turner Award

Am I that crazy enough to receive award?

When Dr. Vilma M. Patindol, our OIC Center Director in ATI Region 8 encouraged us to innovate during our planning last December 2014, my imagination went into overdrive. The idea of protecting the brain and plants in Plants vs. Zombies is relative to what organic agriculture is aiming. The strategies in Farmville can also be the farmers’ strategies in making integrated diversified organic farming system (IDOFS) farm.

I am excited to make it short! Fascinated to meet the farmers of Region 8 and eager to become part of the development of their farming system through organic agriculture. I make extra effort to observe, listen, collect, mix, experiment then try to put it into plan for the upcoming trainings/activities for OA. Every time I hear or see something new applicable to the program I associate it to my plan.

I did not expect the Tide Turner award. Being innovative, having great “crazy” ideas is a big motivation. It is my first ever award received for the efforts exerted in my 10 years of service in ATI. (aside from the Loyalty Award given by ATI-Central Office).

To the management who believes in my craziness thank you. I’d rather take it as a challenge and continue innovating until I prove I deserve this, because the reason why we are motivated is to become excellent in our service.