Value for Money: Shopping for Health

Here’s the challenge, to promote organic products in an innovative yet effective way!

The activity is very simple but it feels different. It’s because this is my first time to handle this kind of activity that is very unique from the typical activity we are doing in ATI. Though the objective is the same, to gather 50 mother-consumers, involve them in a half-day discussion-demonstration about food nutrition and safety at the same time appreciate organic products.

The two-hour travel from the official station to Brgy. Calag-itan, Hinunangan Southern Leyte (venue) gave me enough time to plan, strategize and practice. We went packed and prepared with printer, laptop, DSLR camera, projector and the training materials.

When we arrived at the venue, To my surprise! No training hall, no electricity!

But that does not stop us to make the activity fun and learning. The savoring experience under the coconut tree with the rays of sun striking our faces while doing exercise and discussions add flavor to the activity. They were all eyes and ears when Mr. Dennis Boyd Baltazar demonstrated how to determine the sugar content of some popular drinks (e.g. softdrinks, energy drinks, juice).
Shopping for Health Shopping for Health

The interests of the participants were heightened when they do actual food shopping for lunch with the budget of P3,000.00 each group.

Divided into two group; first group will go to market while the other one will do the organic farm shopping.

Shopping for HealthShopping for Health

To process the shopping activity, they were encouraged to share their learnings and experience.

First group (market shoppers):
We were pressured. Most of the farm products in the market are not fresh. It takes us one hour to complete the shopping list because we have to look for a fresh one. When we add the total cost which is P2,998.00, we found out that we are five pesos higher than the other group. Why? Because we bought MSG to make our lunch tastier and powdered juice drink for cold refreshment.

Shopping for HealthShopping for Health

Shopping for Health

Second group (farm shoppers):

We have fun in the farm! There are lots of fresh vegetables. We enjoyed the pick and pay scheme. Although it is a bit high in price, we don’t care, because we were amazed with the experience in farm shopping. It is far different from our daily marketing of food. We are really sure that the food we were going to cook for lunch is fresh and nutritious because we are the ones who harvested it in the farm. And it’s all organic! We also have our camote tops juice that is not only refreshing but also delicious and nutritious.

Shopping for HealthShopping for Health

Comparison on both products were also discussed. And all the participants agreed that organic food is worth its cost. They learned that mothers who take care of the household food should not only be concerned on the cost but also on the worth of the food they served.
Shopping for Health

The Value for Money: Shopping for Health is inspired from the advocacy of Cornell University Cooperative Extension, New York City to curb obesity. Thanks Mr. Dennis Boyd Baltazar for sharing your learnings when you were given opportunity to undergo Knowledge Management training in US.