This Blog is a compendium of my own close encounters of the real kind with the intricate albeit common place ICT in the world of agricultural extension. Here you will find too my post-training support on non-linear digital presentations, e-learning fixes and anything in between and beyond...rey alo

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Farmer Field School Graduation: Outsider Looking In

There are graduations and then there are Farmer Field School (FFS) graduations. Obing Macario, in her Balm to the Spirit post, gives us a quick and succinct description of what goes on in a FFS graduation. She tells us how, even after attending so many FFS graduations, each one always evokes that unique feeling of fullfilment only an extensionist can discern.

NAIA Terminal 3 Sleepover

It was New Year's Day and quite unlikely, I was already going on a trip, though for a more personal reason. That's another blog story really, but it was that which brought me to experience first-hand how it was to sleep over at NAIA Terminal 3 -- how to experience being like our regional coordinators, our agricultural extension workers from the Visayas and Mindanao. Yes, the AEW also flies! And can sleep in airports.

Retro-Post: Thank You for the Music

The event was held in January 2012 but I missed posting about it. So here it is in December, retro mode of course.

It's ATI's 25th anniversary, quite an auspicious day for giving out awards, a perfect day for receiving one. But what's with the ABBA song? Later.

It was a usual week-long celebration, but this time ATI honored 25 of its institutional/individual partners. I felt esteemed to be one of them.

The citation reads:

e-Learning by the Numbers

It is another of those once-in-a-lifetime calendar days, this 12/12/12. Though really just representing a short day format, it is nevertheless, the last time that you'll see calendar days align. The next one will be a century later, in Jan. 1, 2101 when it's 01/01/01. Lucky day or not, I wouldn't notice. Definitely, 12/11 is more relevant for me. It's e-Learning's [for agriculture and fisheries] birthday!

Blog Support: Cumulus Tag Cloud

Tags at this Agri-fisheries blogsite now take on a more visually exciting 3D look. We have now our tag clouds displayed on Cumulus.  Cumulus displays and animates the tags in 3D by placing them on a rotating sphere. The sphere of course is rotated by the mouse and each tag changes color with a mouse over.

Blog Support: Profile Pictures in Google SERP

This is no longer applicable. As of July 2014, authorship markup is no longer supported in web search.This post is being left for archive and reference purposes; and to indicate that once in a while we have supported this Google experiment.

6 Reasons to Hold Your Training at ATI-CAR, in Benguet Again

It's my nth stay at ATI-CAR, the ATI training center for the Cordilleras. Located in La Trinidad, the capital town of Benguet, it is the first compound you'll see upon entering the campus of Benguet State University (BSU). I can't even remember now how many times I have conducted trainings there. I just don't seem to get tired of the place. Here are 6 reasons why:

Blog Support: How to Create a Photo Album, Part 3

This is part three of creating your photo album here using Vacilando's brilliant gallery. This blog-tutorial is the last of three parts . It contains workarounds for more advanced cutomizations when creating photo albums in this blogsite. The steps would require that you work in the "source" or html side. As in the part 1 and part 2, I shall use the same gallery so you can compare.

Nora Quebral, by Chance; DevCom, by Choice

It was just by chance. Yes, THE Nora C. Quebral actually dropped by ATI in mid-August this year. Prof. Stella Tirol of the UPLB-College of Development Communication (DevCom) was meeting with ATI-KPMD management -- Niet Arceo and Pam Mappala -- and myself regarding a proposed study funded by ATI. To our surprise, Dr.

Non-linear Powerpoint: 3 Templates with Hyperlinks

Here are three more non-linear hyperlinked powerpoint templates that you can add to your collection. Thematic colors and the background can also be customized. As with the other templates, the active page or slide displays a highlighted button.

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