Blog Support: Cumulus Tag Cloud

Screen capture in a moment of the cumulus tag cloud.

Tags at this Agri-fisheries blogsite now take on a more visually exciting 3D look. We have now our tag clouds displayed on Cumulus.  Cumulus displays and animates the tags in 3D by placing them on a rotating sphere. The sphere of course is rotated by the mouse and each tag changes color with a mouse over.

Cumulus displays the tags via a Flash movie. To make it still SEO friendly, the Cumulus block links to a page containing the tag chunks. And tags very well do their part in SEO! Try a deliberate Google search for "Bicol palaycheck". You'll have an item on top of the list that's actually a tag.

So if you're blogging in this site, tag and tag well.

Reference: Cumulus project for Drupal