Introducing Badian To The World

The author (waving) together with Badian's AEWs and e-extension's Rey Alo, in black shirt. (photo by Boyet Gabion)

BADIAN (Cebu) is a 3rd class municipality located about 96 kms southwest of Cebu City. It comprised of 29 barangays with 1 island barangay, 11 coastal barangays, 17 inland barangays and an area of 10,851 has. It is predominantly agricultural with almost complete agro-ecological zones, namely: - Offshore/Nearshore Marine Fisheries with Coral Reefs - Island - Brackishwater Zone with Seagrasses - Mangrove Zone with Areas for Fishpond Development - Lowland Zone - Undulating and Sloping Zone - HillyLand Zone - Mountainous Zone - Highland Zone. It is proud of its products namely: mango, banana and other tropical fruits; cabbage, carrots, chayote and other vegetables; cattle, goat, swine and native chicken; mats and pandan-based handicrafts; some native delicacies; fish and other marine products, on becoming a major provider and exporter of such in the local and domestic markets.

Indeed, Badian is truly endowed,... with nature at its best,... dubbed as the romantic paradise at the sunset coast of Cebu. The home of the famous majestic Kawasan Falls ( a major tourist destination of Cebu) and the Matutinao River (the National Hall of Fame Awardee as the Cleanest Inland Bodies of Water - River Category in the Philippines under the Gawad Pangulo sa KAPALIGIRAN in 2000-2002. It is also the home of the famous Badian Island Resort and Spa, and the Cebu International Golf and Resort; the site of the underwater paradise; the dragon-tail-like mountain peaks. Being part of the Festival Island Province (CEBU), Badian is also famous for its award-winning BANIG FESTIVAL (celebrated every July 16-25, a thanksgiving-livelihood-based festival among mat weavers) which was first launched in 2000, and the YUKBO-DAGAT FESTIVAL (Celebrated every May, a thanksgiving-livelihood-based among the marginal, artisanal fishermen) which was simply celebrated since 1991.

As the Municipal Agriculturist of Badian, Cebu since 1995, I with my team at DA-MAO-FARMERS Office, capitalize on Badian’s strengths and opportunities, and we’re able to push and facilitate its participation to the following programs:

  1. CBRMP: Community-Based Resource Management Project
  2. CRMP: Coastal Resource Management Project
  3. FSTP: Farmer-Scientists Training Program
  4. DA-GMA Banner Programs On Corn, Livestock, HVCC and Fisheries
  5. ICRMP: Integrated Coastal Resource Management Project
  6. ADP: Alternative Development Project
  7. e-GWEN: Expanded GWEN Project on a Green and Wholesome Environment that Nurtures and cares; and Others


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At the MAO's gate

39132 in badianI saw this notice posted near the gate of the Municipal Agriculturist's Office in Badian (Photo courtesy of Boyet Gabion of ATI). Way to go Jun! Hehe, thanks for the "link". Do stay on in helping us promote such undertakings. Definitely, ATI too will continue to provide you with IEC as well as appropriate campaign materials on e-extension. Really good to see you guys still deep into Badian's extension work. Oh I saw that Jing too has moved on from "solitaire" to "zuma". Heheh, at least updated din s'ya.