The Deliciously Simple "e" in e-Landscaping

Landscaping with edible plants.

I would like to thank those who participated in guessing the letter “e” of e-landscaping

I was amazed by the variety of answers (21 word combinations!) submitted via Facebook.  Some were really scholarly guesses like environmental, ecological, economical, extensive, extended, elevated, evolving, entrepreneurial, extraordinary, eco-friendly and exotic. Some were out of this world such as erotic (?), exciting, everything, e-learner’s, excited-much, edong’s, echos and eklavu.

e-Landscaping at Rosa Farm in San Antonio, Zambales Well, the word is plain and simple but very appropriate. I asked Mr. Ding Zulueta, owner of the Rosa Farm in San Antonio, Zambales, if it was part of a local project with government agencies, but he said that he thought of the word himself. I also asked why, he termed it that way but he said there’s nothing special, he just thought of a word that would best describe what plants were in the landscape.

Are you ready for the mysterious word? It’s plain and simple but very appropriate. The “e” stands for “EDIBLE.” Yes, e-landscaping is edible-landscaping.

Congratulations to Mrs. Noemi Beth G. Macario of ATI-RTC 10 who got the word right.
Please claim your prize at ATI-CO, KPMD during office hours only.

There’s beauty in simple things, but sometimes simple things are hard to find.