e-Landscaping anyone?

Welcome to e-Landscaping.

This sign caught my attention during our teambuilding activity at Rosa Farm in San Antonio, Zambales. It was posted atop the entrance of a 50-60 m2 garden planted with various vegetables with a “bahay kubo” in the middle.

Being an e-Extension coordinator, my first impression was that the garden (might be) was being managed or grown using high technology (electronic) farming gadgets. So I further investigated. At a closer look, the garden showcases the beauty of a diversified farming system complemented by the use of recycled potting materials like plastics and old tires. Among the vegetables planted include okra, corn, pineapple, cucumber, squash, chilli, tomato, pechay, lettuce and “kangkong” all arranged aesthetically.

My investigation ascertained that the “e” in the concept does not stand for electronic which connotes high technology farming. Again, I thought of reasons that might justify the idea in my head. Since it does not involve high tech farming gadgets, maybe they used a high tech software (like autocad) in lay-outing the garden. I was about to stay mum about it but my curiosity lingered. So, for a while I mustered enough courage then approached the owner of the farm Mr. Zulueta.

Guess what the letter “e” stands for? Well, text me your answer for a chance to win an e-Extension material from Mrs. Antonieta Arceo of KPMD. Text your answers at 391-32 if you are a Smart and Talk ‘N Text subscriber and at 0920-946-2474 for Globe, TM or Sun Cellular subscribers.