the liking that sees your efforts

When the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) is trailblazing on the use of social media as an advocacy front of all their training and extension services – a few are adamant on the effectivity of the platform, however, many are delighted because of the usability and handiness of such.

Though, social media is hitting the forefront of the worldwide web especially Facebook (FB) but the challenge of promoting our respective center’s pages is neither easy nor simple.

It entails a lot of hard work by convincing them to visit, add, hit the like button, read and share.

We maybe had baby steps on its promotion and used the free version, yet, reaching a hundred or most likely a thousand people is already an edge.

The probability whether they seriously read or just simply viewed the page and each post is indeed a great advocacy effort.

What matters most and doubtlessly the best part of it is that the center’s management sees your effort by flooding “like” on your pages. Those like that see your effort means that the objective of using the platform is indeed effective.