embracing change

When ATI-CO had formally demystified ATI-RTC 7 sometime in April 2008, a lot of concerns cropped-up to the minds of those who were present (both my co-personnel and a handful of Agricultural Extension Workers (AEWs) in Bohol). Concerns like the viability and applicability of the e-extension program to our stakeholders.

Some were skeptics but others showed enthusiasm amidst uncertainty, as change is indeed the only thing in this world which is constant.

The duality of the so-called reactions was expected. Specially that the very things they've heard were new. Though computer literacy is no longer unfamiliar among government employees, but the accessibility is way far to go.

Albeit the lukewarm welcome, ATI-RTC 7 push through their endeavors. They allot time for e-extension unto their program of activities and focus only on the e-Learning component of the program.

As expected, most of them showed cynicism. However, as the discussion progress, majority of the AEWs are craving to learn and willing to embrace the change.

Today, when we mentioned matters with an e! (e-extension and e-Learning) it rings a bell. AEWs are looking forward to it. Their doubts pushed them to embrace the change so they can compensate what their children’s generation had for.


The presence of modern

The presence of modern technology allows us to gone far.  Nobody want to live in the traditional way I presume all of us want to embrace  change, what could be a great advantage to us and  that which can  provide us a way to progress and convenience.  Hopefully you can get the full support of some sectors to help you realize your dreams of creating a big change, do it at all cost even if it takes for some payday loans.

My wish is that you will get

My wish is that you will get all the support and help that you need to sustain these activities.
Sarah James

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hey sarah

thanks for showing such warm support.

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On embracing change

Kudos to you Meitats for doing most of the e-ffort to promote those e's in your region. My wish is that you will get all the support and help that you need to sustain these activities. More power to you and God bless.

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Thank you Dennis.

I hope that your wish will be fulfilled (not just for me) but to all of us in the entire network who endeavored to keep this “e” going.

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Hi Meitats, your emphasis on

Hi Meitats, your emphasis on "e" reminded me of another comment I read somewhere that eLearning could mean "electronic learning" but it may also mean "learning electronic." We too have the same experience in our region. I could very well relate to your description of the initial reactions about the eLearning Program on the part of our intended audience. Although many were interested, there are equally many out there who even if they wanted to could not access the courses because they have no means to do so. Still we remain positive that we will keep this Program going and reach new heights, like you said, especially in view of the very innovative ways being devised by our Knowledge Products and Services Division under the leadership of Ma'am Niet, Ms. Pam and Sir Rey.

"In every man, there is a light."

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thanks ms. prime

it's true that our only effort to support this e-program is to remain positive all the times.