we need more… power!

Even if I’m used to hearing this lines… but, I’m a bit unhappy (I’d rather use this word – to sound positive still… LOL) when I heard it straight from a colleague. That! Tadannn!!! "I’m still mystified about e-extension"… (with emphasis mode) sigh!
Oh why oh why? Where were you when we discussed this thing very long time ago… I know they’re just around… during the demystifying stage… however, they’re not that interested maybe or perhaps "cannot recall" the whole process.
But, on one hand, I am grateful because somebody came to the rescue who gave them the very detailed explanation. (at least, majority knows...)
On the other hand, they admitted that they’re just too busy attending some pressing office concerns that’s why, they’re not unable to digest the program.

Whew! What a turning point… wink! Isn’t it right that this blog entry bring the headlights on – we need more… power to hang on and to procrastinate – in the name of service and advocacy… hope we can endure more… to let that fire burning (ika nga!)



The power of being united gives us some source of strength in whatever campaign we may have. Optimism and encouragement help us a lot to pursue for our goal. Keep on going, keep on believing.

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not by our work alone

So have I felt similar consternation and exasperation... It occurs to me that if repeated discussions and info sharing about the e-extension interface on-training and off can be apparently listened to but actually only selectively figured out, then we are in for a lot of trouble when it comes to other programs of the Department. But then when and where we least expect it, we draw "power" to move on and persist.

"In every man, there is a light."

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You’re right Ms. Prime.

Though we experienced the same fate, yet we’re audacious to move on and on despite all the odds. Hope we could cling and reach that outlying goal with pride.