What Works and What Nots: Travails of a Week-long Extensionist, Part 2

Our participation at the Tabo sa Umahan in Misamis Oriental’s 83rd anniversary celebration allowed us to know more our potential clients in the province.

Since we are promoting the e-Extension Program for Agriculture and Fisheries, particularly e-learning, most of the enthusiastic visitors at the booth were the younger ones. The older ones either have problems with their eyesight or getting a headache when using computers or that they do not use the internet.

Most of them said that their children were the ones using the internet. Those who positively received the program were mostly office workers and part-time farmers. Most of them do not have farms but have areas within their home where they grow some crops.  So it stands to reason why most requests dwell on urban gardening, floriculture, and vegetable production. Still there were a few who really would like to learn from the program to help them in their farms. These, we assisted them to register and enroll in the online courses.

The NMRice program, however was positively received by the rice farmers who visited our booth, even the older ones. They gamely answered the questions in the NMRice Web and NMRice App through an android cellphone. However, we got comments like, “Their recommendation is too high” or “I don’t use the fertilizer that they are recommending” so we tried to convince them to at least try the recommendation and see the difference. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they would at least try the recommendation given by the program.

I’m looking forward to next year’s Salo Tabo. I’m sure I’ll meet again those whom I’ve met this year and find out if they have followed the recommendations and suggestions that we offered them, if it has made them a difference.