Should I or Should I Not?

Prioritizing my family

When one is asked regarding his priorities in life, it is sometimes very easy to give a list (in order of importance). However, when these priorities collide and we were made to choose which is which, then that is when you take a hard look into your life and see which is really important.
I got this feeling of being stuck in a “rock or a hard place” when I was confronted with a difficult choice – career or family. Looking at it like that, for sure, family seems the best choice for most. However, it wasn’t that simple. The career choice that I mentioned is a training that could really help me in the position I am applying for in the light of the Rationalization going on in our agency. I was supposed to attend the Supervisory Development Course (Track 1) given by the Civil Service Commission. To anyone in government aspiring for a Supervisory Position, this is a “must-attend” training. The training is just the first step in a series of trainings. Since the training expenses will be shouldered by our Central Office, then budget is not a concern.
On the other hand, my eldest daughter will be graduating in High School. She is not an Honor student, mind you, but that doesn’t matter. She will soon be leaving the nest and will try to spread her wings as she will be studying far from us. This, too is a one-time event wherein we can not turn back the clock. I remembered that it was not that long ago when I was accompanying her in school because she doesn’t want to be go to school alone. Now, she doesn’t ask much of my presence knowing that work takes me away always. Infact, I’ve missed many milestones in her student life. She had just one request- that I be present in her graduation.
That is why, faced with these dilemma, I began to examine myself. Do I really mean it when I said that family ranks high in my list of priorities, second only to God? Then why am I conflicted? Is being promoted more important? Of course, the promotion would be much welcome. It is a validation of the dedication, sacrifices and hard work that I have poured into. But if it would mean being a disappointment to my family, then that is another matter. I strongly believe that having a strong and loving family beside me would make me a better person, a better leader for a person who values his love ones surely will value his clients.
That is why, after so much introspection, I decided to forego the training and attend to my daughter’s graduation. It is with a light heart and clear mindset that I made my decision. I rest in the knowledge that I made the right choice.