Alomah’s Place: Amidst the Zipline Hoopla

 When one hears the word Dahilayan, it is always associated with the longest zipline in the country (although the record may not be true anymore as more ziplines are being launched). It brought this small barangay in Manolo Fortich in Bukidnon to the forefront of the consciousness of thrill seekers from even as far as Luzon. Add to the adventures offered is the cool climate and majestic vista. What makes it super attractive is its proximity to Cagayan de Oro City with less than an hour ride. On the way, the Del Monte Pineapple Plantation is another sight to behold especially to city dwellers who only see pineapple from the cans.
Our visitors usually ask us to include in the itinerary Dahilayan when they visit us. Being a resident of Bukidnon, I am happy because tourists always bring money to help our local economy. On the other hand, I am saddened because I want to offer more to our visitors. 
That is why I was so happy when I came into a jewel of a farm within Dahilayan. It is called Alomah’s Place owned by the ever amiable couple, Benjohn and Grace Mahistrado.  It is a two-hectare farm producing organically-grown lettuce, bell pepper, other vegetables and herbs. It also has a fishpond with tilapia fed with organic feeds. The garden salad that they serve from their produce is just so yummy. The salad dressing which Grace makes and sells (at a very affordable price) is just so delicious. They also offer hot tea from various mints planted in the farm.
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Other services that can be enjoyed include horseback riding.  The couple and their 2 children are champion riders. Infact, various trophies are being displayed in their reception area. Their playground has facilities for kids like monkey bar, swings, etc.  The view is wonderful with the uneven terrain. The weather is so cool and refreshing. Accommodation is cheap. You can either sleep in their tents or their bamboo cottages which are uniquely built around the area. They also have a function hall for those who want to hold events in the place.
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Aside from the food and amenities, Benjohn and Grace are ever ready to share the technologies and practices that they adopt in their farm. A great learning experience, coupled with yummy salad and unlimited fresh and cool air. A heavenly combination, if I may say so.
So how about dropping by Alomah’s Place before proceeding to the thrill rides?