Crabs in TGP

Crabs and shrimps are my favorite pick when I travel in downstream Cagayan.  It was only now and in Buguey, Cagayan I learned that crabs can be fattened like pigs, chicken or tilapia.  Here is how I learned this thing…  Our team went to Buguey to validate the FITS Center, the LGU intend to establish.  We were entertained by the Municipal Mayor, Hon. Lloyd Antiporda and the Municipal Agriculturist, Mr. Danny Rumpon and his staff.  In our conversation as we discussed the establishment of FITS Center, I learned that Crab Fattening is one of their Focus Commodity in the municipality. I was a little bit puzzled on how they could do this… I was not inquisitive at the moment since the focus of our discussion was on the requirements in establishing the FITS Center. 

Mayor Antiporda readily accommodated their counterpart in furnishing the FITS Center with display cabinets, chairs, tables, computer sets with printer and TV set with DVD player.  He suggested that the Center must be launched as soon as possible.  MA Rumpon on the other hand suggested if it could be launched during their Town Fiesta in July.  Mayor Antiporda was amenable with the suggestion and approved it.  He asked Mr. Rumpon to show us the building where the FITS Center will be housed.  It is a newly constructed building.  It is wide enough to be a Learning Center. 

As we entered the building I noticed many small woven plastic baskets piled inside.  I asked Mr. Rumpon what are those small plastic baskets for.  He said, these will be used for crab fattening.  Crab fattening?.... I said, how?  How many crabs does this single basket contain?  He said, one crab will be placed in every basket then the baskets are placed in the pond of brackish water.  They are fed with crab feeds to fatten.  A crab grower is given at least 200 baskets depending on the quantity he could raise.  Purposely, crabs are confined in baskets to avoid eating each other. 

I also learned that crabs undergo molting stage and because of this characteristic, a technology has been developed in producing soft shelled crabs according to Mr. Rumpon. A crab grower who wanted to produce soft shelled crabs has to monitor the crab fatteners every four (4) hours.  When he observes the crabs are undergoing molting he will immediately separates the newly emerged crab from its shell.  The soft shelled crabs can be sold immediately before its shell hardened.

Once again I learned another good thing.  Thanks to TGP.