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Organic Agriculture, Then and Now

In the very early part of the previous decade, our entourage from the ATI Regional Training Center in Bicol visited emerging and established agricultural hubs in other parts of Luzon as a staff development activity.

The Master's Garden was one of the completely unexpected yet singularly memorable sites that the ATI in the Cordillera Autonomous Region led us to. Organic farming was then barely mentioned as an intervention in agriculture.

Agriculture Gives Life

Well, hello there.
It’s been a while since I wrote here, for a number of unavoidable reasons – preparing for and making that life-changing decision, retirement.

That Unknown Quantity, PDAF

The Department of Agriculture has been repeatedly pinpointed as a knowing or unknowing accomplice in questionable practices involving public funds.

Last in the rather long line of implications is its involvement in channeling Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) to fictitious non-government organizations (NGOs) or clients. Public disgust is to be expected, considering the abject state of our rural men and women.
At least at ATI, this unfolding of events should be subject to careful self-check.

For the Agricultural Extension Workers in our midst

The untiring, grassroots-level, practical service of agricultural extension workers (AEWS) to farmers elicits respect and awe. Their raw desire to service, matter-of-fact acceptance of political realities around them, and relentless search for new ways to help the farmers in their charge… these give me many reasons to look inwards and wish that I could do better.
And somehow, queries from AEWs also tell me that ATI’s services matter to them.

UPLB on My Mind

Caught up in the thick of everyday work, it almost escaped me that the rest of the world is actually enjoying summertime for many reasons. Were it not for a brief reminder from Mr. Rey Alo, I would have overlooked that graduating students are actually wearing toga and doing their graduation march this time of the year. The country’s state University of the Philippines at Los Baños will be having its 41st Commencement Exercises tomorrow, April 27, 2013.

The Other Side of the Fence

It is not too often that I find myself in the receiving end of ATI’s trainings.
There were trainings of course that I attended to learn skills or information I need to do tasks assigned or being assigned to me.
Last week’s training on enterprise skills development organized by ATI-Central Office sought to help ATI employees affected by the Rationalization Plan to put up their own agri-based sources of income in the event of the RatPlan actually being realized.

Beyond Going Organic

Doing official errand, I had a chance to talk to Miller Bicaldo, member of the National Organic Agriculture Board and farmer cooperative manager par excellence. Easy to approach and very down-to-earth, his invariably keen observations reminded me that the Organic Agriculture Act envisions a 5% increase of Philippine agricultural farms practicing organic farming by 2016.

Organic Foods and Agriculture and The Private Sector’s Stake

The Department of Agriculture (DA) may have switched on the gears that led to the approval of the organic agriculture in 2010 with the signing of Republic Act No. 10068 otherwise known as the Philippine Organic Agriculture Act, but both the public and private sectors have stakes in organic agriculture (OA).

Our Job Order Personnel

This is a personal salute to our priceless allies in the office – our job order personnel.
Supposedly with 30 plus organic personnel, our Training Center’s workforce of permanent employees is now only 24. Like most or all of ATI’s Training Centers (and even at the Central Office), hiring of job order personnel is a must.

New Year Wishes

It’s that time of the year again when hopes are high. Or is it?

Eleven days into 2013 (the euphoria of the holiday season presumably gone), I asked a few co-workers about their New Year Wishes. Here are responses I got:

“Contentment, happiness, love, joy, good health.”

“Financial abundance.”

“More work… and just reward for work done.”

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