That Unknown Quantity, PDAF

That Unknown Quantity, PDAF

The Department of Agriculture has been repeatedly pinpointed as a knowing or unknowing accomplice in questionable practices involving public funds.

Last in the rather long line of implications is its involvement in channeling Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) to fictitious non-government organizations (NGOs) or clients. Public disgust is to be expected, considering the abject state of our rural men and women.
At least at ATI, this unfolding of events should be subject to careful self-check.
As far as I know, ATI’s regional projects in our area have been politically independent downloads. For many number of years, we have been existing solely on meager “Regular Fund” allocation – the yearly budget approved by Congress and Senate for ATI, divided hating kapatid among the Regional (and – previously – Provincial) Training Centers and the Central Office.
With ATI Director Asterio Saliot’s persistent efforts to augment ATI’s meager funds, ATI has been the recipient of project funds from international and national organizations. These are all subject to rigid auditing and accounting rules.
At the regional level, there have been several occasions when we invited representation from local congressmen in consultation or planning workshops but we have not been very successful in getting their attention.
We have been instructed to report the municipal classes of our training beneficiaries, to emphasize that our services have been equitably distributed in the provinces or the region.
PDAF was and remains an unknown quantity.
It is perhaps ripe time to add more depth and dimension to the social change President Pinoy is advocating. Making congressmen and senators’ discretionary funds subject to line-item budgeting is being proposed. This would make our Congress more socially endearing to the general public, if it is at all possible. If realized, the move would be show that our lawmakers abide by the principles of the laws they are enacting, particularly public accountability and transparency.
It is time for PDAF, and its derogatory tag “pork barrel,” to be archaic.


Pork Barrel

The agriculture itself should not be allowed to be used by any corrup official in congress and senators.

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