Bangkong Kahoy Valley: An Unspoiled Haven in Quezon

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I love to travel.  I enjoy going to different places every time and I always look forward to discovering new things…but most of all, I particularly love the wonder communing with nature brings.  I relish experiencing nature in its crude form – simple, serene, natural, and unadulterated.  It gives me a unique sense of peace.

Then…there’s also another thing I love – capturing emotions.  That is, encapsulating the feelings and wonders of the places I go to in photographs.  I take them as reminders of how each and every scene touched me, of the stillness and the splendor of mother earth, of how magnificent untouched nature is.
In this day and age, coming across a place as such is an extraordinary chance with all these industrial development all around.  But somehow, it is a good thing to learn that there are people who still opt to preserve and protect the biodiversity of our environment instead of developing it into commercial areas.  I consider myself lucky to be able to visit a well-preserved land between Mount Banahaw and Mount Cristobal – the Bangkong Kahoy Valley Nature Retreat and Field Study Center, a community-based organic farming site in Barangay Kinabuhayan, Dolores, Quezon.
The tranquility of the place is perfect for nature-lovers like me to relax and be once again one with nature.  Here’s a glimpse of what you can witness and experience at Bangkong Kahoy Valley: