Negros Occidental

far, yet so near!

The organic agriculture bloggers’ event is not just one of the ordinary activities hosted by the Knowledge Products Management Division of the Agricultural Training Institute.

The activity being held nearing towards the week-end is simply unique because most of the participants are private bloggers and or had day jobs to attend to. Thus, the schedule is framed accordingly in order to suit their availability.

Start Small

It is but common to us that in every endeavour we aspire for, we wanted to have huge, big and or an enormous result or impact. Thus, it is as well given, that only a few thrived because most of them failed.

Getting what we give

It is like the law of echo. It is like a kickback from a kick. Sometimes we get much more because we also get the interest from what we deposited. The Rapha Valley cautioned us on what we give to our bodies.

Rapha is Hebrew word for healer. Dr Albert Jo said that he named the place Rapha after the Hebrew "Jehovah Rapha" or "God the Healer". The place is in Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental. Dr Jo advocates healing through healthy lifestyle. Since food affects what we are, we need to be extra careful of what goes into our bodies.


Right combinition seldom fails like magic. It's true with RU Foundry and May's Organic Garden in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental.

The husband and wife tandem created and is creating health and wealth. Their engagement is for keeps, which extends to more engagements sealed with trust and confidence.

Vertically inclined

"A farmer who doesn't pray is not a good farmer". This was the last but not the least of the principles, which Magsasaka Siyentista Mr Ramon "Mon" Penalosa shared to the group. This vertical focus enabled him to remember that blessing comes and is limitless from above.

Learning rail

It took us sometime going uphill for the briefing. It was neither the slope nor the distance. It was an easy climb (no sweat!) and a stone-throw from where we took off.

It was the learning rail. From a distance it looks like a handrail and a side road block, enabling one to have an easy climb when it's slippery or from getting off the track. But it was more than that. It was a learning material, creatively done sans sophistication of latest technology.

Exploring Negros Occidental: the "Organic Capital" of the Philippines

Going to Negros Occidental can’t satisfy tourists’ savour if for the sake of “pasyal” or excursion only. Even if it is named as the city of smile, the province is not a must-visit place in terms of pristine and natural wonders like other provinces. But have you ever noticed why people love to go in this place? It’s because Negros Occidental is the “Organic Capital” of the Philippines. Yes, the province has embraced the organic farming system.

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