Lead-off hitter

Who's first?

It's year ending and it's reckoning time. With KM we always recognized the innovativeness and creativeness of each RTC in enhancing access to AFE knowledge products and services. The recognition was no flare, just text sent to all congratulating those in the lead for the most news, first to upload or for a new block. Sometimes it's just like "I appreciate the blog of __ or the innovations of __" and everyone is high because we are a class. Remember: "class is already up and need not strive to look better by making others look worse".

When Destiny and Faith Collide

It was a cloudy morning of May 30, 2013 when we left for Bongabong and Roxas for our final orientation of the School on the Air Program for the Second District of Oriental Mindoro. Midway through our journey, rain poured and thunders rolled as if a storm was brewing. The situation made me contemplate backup plans since we cannot cancel the scheduled orientation, knowing that the start of airing will be on next Tuesday. In my silence, I prayed to GOD to give me wisdom and let me trust HIM for whatever HIS plan for us that time.
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