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It's what we do

Sir Jim: Give example of a topic for your blog...

We: Extension...

Sir Jim: Extension of what?

We: It's what we do...

Funny but this happened during our training on blogging and photography with our resource person Mr. Jaime Ramon 'Jim' Paredes of Apo Hiking Society. We were used to having resource persons who are familiar with what we do that we just assumed the rest would also know, which include Sir Jim.

Nonetheless, let me tell many others who don't know who we are and what we are.

in the name of service

When the Consultation Workshop on Maximizing the Services of the Farmers’ Contact Center through the Development of a Communication and Advocacy Plan was opt to be finalized during the ATI Mid-Year Assessment and Planning Workshop at The Oriental Hotel in Palo, Leyte; each of the e-Extension Coordinators across the ATI Network referred to their individual schedule (plotted either on their mobile phone, tab, or journal) to make sure this activity will not overlap with the targets at hand in the center.

Retro-Post: Thank You for the Music

The event was held in January 2012 but I missed posting about it. So here it is in December, retro mode of course.

It's ATI's 25th anniversary, quite an auspicious day for giving out awards, a perfect day for receiving one. But what's with the ABBA song? Later.

It was a usual week-long celebration, but this time ATI honored 25 of its institutional/individual partners. I felt esteemed to be one of them.

The citation reads:

That was fun!

It’s been a busy year, to say the least. No doubt our training center is not alone in saying this. Perhaps the entire ATI network can honestly say that it has been a year of work, work, work.

Relevance in the midst of all the drudgery – therein lies the challenge.

Sometimes (or too often?) our work becomes too exacting, demanding, or mandatory, that we forget we should look not just on the numbers, but also particularly on the results – what people really need, not just report indicators.


One morning, I woke up by the sound of ripping papers...

My head, I mean my whole body aches from a trip from somewhere to where I am right now.,
I saw the light, the second time I ever saw it since I was packed after passing through a machine.
Im tattooed! Yeah! Tattoed with a yellow letter-'e' and numbers are written all over me!
"Alas, I'm out at last!"
I was placed on a table beside many other printed papers, some are colored, others printed in black and white.
Among others, I'm the biggest!

Jesse Robredo: Local Hero and National Dreamcatcher

I was never a resident of Naga City, but I have heard of the exceptional and upright leadership of Jesse Robredo from fellow Bicolanos, many of them common folks.
At any age, but perhaps more keenly in our younger years, we search for sources of inspiration. I was in college when he first served as Mayor and started making indelible marks in the economic and political development of Camarines Sur. With his hands-on, pro-people, and practical leadership, Jesse Robredo was a guiding star in a galaxy of confusing, often denigrating politicos.

just for fan…so they say!

e-Extension’s advocacy means a lot of IEC (Information, Education and Communication) materials to prepare and deliver.

From pins to bags, pens to ID sling then to cardboard hand-fans and the like. These and all were given with one ultimate purpose “to inform clients about the program” and at least let them grasp a little about the benefits from it.

As an e-Extension Coordinator known to be “hard-line with the program,” sometimes our hands are full bringing this stuff to support the things we shared through word-of-mouth.

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