Blog Support: Profile Pictures in Google SERP

This is no longer applicable. As of July 2014, authorship markup is no longer supported in web search.This post is being left for archive and reference purposes; and to indicate that once in a while we have supported this Google experiment.

Blog Support: How to Create a Photo Album, Part 3

This is part three of creating your photo album here using Vacilando's brilliant gallery. This blog-tutorial is the last of three parts . It contains workarounds for more advanced cutomizations when creating photo albums in this blogsite. The steps would require that you work in the "source" or html side. As in the part 1 and part 2, I shall use the same gallery so you can compare.

Blog Support: How to Create a Photo Album, Part 2

This is part two of how to create your photo album here using Vacilando's brilliant gallery. I showed you in part one  how to create a photo album allowing for the default settings. That is much quicker of course. But if you want to get your hands dirty, dig in.

Blog Support: How to Create a Photo Album, Part 1

So you want to include a photo album in your blog post. The Agri-Extension Blog does not store photos but you can still have one with the pictures served from Picasa Web. The pictures then are fed via RSS to your blog, assembled and displayed by Vacilando's Brilliant Gallery.

A Salute to the Man Behind ATIiNteractive and Philippine eExtension

We'd like to give a salute to the man who made us realized that Philippine e-Extension and ATIiNteractive possible. He made himself a part of the ATI family and pushed us to embrace change and think outside the box.  With him, we were able to push through with e-learning and expanded it further to embrace the different components of the e-Extension Program for Agriculture and Fisheries.

Blogging Support at ATIiNteractive

You have reached the realms of my ALOgraphic Memory... This blog post should be what this space is all about. So, here goes. You'll find here my post training support. In my role as adviser to activities related to e-extension per se and as support to general ag-extension work, this then is my extension work (pun intended). The trainings and workshops that I have been conducting at ATI revolve around the functional and efficient use of digital solutions.

The e-Team

There is an A-Team and another an e-Team.
The A-Team is a fictional group of ex-United States Army Special Forces personnel who work as soldiers of fortune. Each team member has specialization which complements that of the other in the team,making them formidable.

The ATIiNteractive

As part of our strategy to enhance the image of the ATI, to prove that we can... the ATIiNteractive has evolved.
Our new frontend shows the different features of our site where it would just be one click away to access the main site of the ATI (the corporate site of our organization), the ATI Intranet (where internal communications happen), the ATI Webmail (our official e-mail), and most especially the e-Extension portal.

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