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When the Consultation Workshop on Maximizing the Services of the Farmers’ Contact Center through the Development of a Communication and Advocacy Plan was opt to be finalized during the ATI Mid-Year Assessment and Planning Workshop at The Oriental Hotel in Palo, Leyte; each of the e-Extension Coordinators across the ATI Network referred to their individual schedule (plotted either on their mobile phone, tab, or journal) to make sure this activity will not overlap with the targets at hand in the center.

A Salute to the Man Behind ATIiNteractive and Philippine eExtension

We'd like to give a salute to the man who made us realized that Philippine e-Extension and ATIiNteractive possible. He made himself a part of the ATI family and pushed us to embrace change and think outside the box.  With him, we were able to push through with e-learning and expanded it further to embrace the different components of the e-Extension Program for Agriculture and Fisheries.

TOT participants briefed on e-Extension

The series of training of trainers on AgriPinoy framework became a venue for the e-Extension coordinators (eEC) to promote the e-Extension program of the Department of Agriculture, which is being carried on by the Agricultural Training Institute.

The e-Team

There is an A-Team and another an e-Team.
The A-Team is a fictional group of ex-United States Army Special Forces personnel who work as soldiers of fortune. Each team member has specialization which complements that of the other in the team,making them formidable.

e-Extension CoMotion

Another year had passed that brought together the e-Extension coordinators for the e-Extension CoMotion: 3rd Program Assessment and Planning Workshop last March 15-19, 2010 at Oasis Hotel in Angeles City, Pampanga .

Finally, A Moment with SACY

SACY is what we called him when he was still with the Department of Agriculture. It stands for Secretary Arthur C. Yap, a man we have known that has high standards since we started working with him. I remember he had some frustrations with ATI as the Institute could hardly cope up with his expectations as the training and extension arm of the Department.

The e-Learning Program: One Glance Backward, One Leap Forward

We look back to the year that was....

An e-empowered extension workers and farmers via its Agriculture and Fishery courses offered online.

Increased confidence in what we do with the implementation of the TextSupport and Farmers’ Contact Center (FCC)

Enhanced online visibility

Quo Vadis

That was a phrase that struck me eons ago. Whoever put it up in the school’s bulletin board should probably have put it in Pilipino or English, so I would have really understood what it was trying to say, so I would have really asked myself and pondered upon and meditated on my, er, direction.

Nevertheless it is a phrase that keeps popping up in my mind rather frequently lately. Other people must be asking themselves the same question. It is good to ask oneself once in a while where one is going – a kind of self-reassessment.

The Farmer of the Farmers' Contact Center

"How do you define a farmer in the context of the Farmers' Contact Center?" This was raised during the Regional Workshop on the Knowledgebase Creation for A&F on September 16-17, 2009 at La Rica Hotel, Tacloban City.

Considering the state of most of our farmers, the following queries keep popping in my mind: Do our farmers (common farmers) really have access to telephone lines and internet? Do they have time to avail of this service, knowing that most often they are busy in their fields? Do they know how to use these technologies?

What we envision for the Farmers' Contact Center

As we are conducting our regional consultations for the establishment of the Farmers Contact Center, we heard from our partners in the field their various ideas, perspectives, suggestions and comments on opening a new mode of communication with our clients. Some accepted the idea, some though may have doubts if this is really possible, if we can do it, if it would be acceptable to everybody. Though the idea of this initiative is evolving, we are open to whatever will come our way and we will try to fit it if we can to whatever we do.

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