Best FITS Center Blog Series II: Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro

Currently the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) through the Information Services Division (ISD) is conducting a rapid monitoring of the more than 700 Farmers Information and Technology Services (FITS) Centers in the country. The monitoring activity aims to assess the current status of these FITS Centers as well as to determine if these FITS Centers are still active.

For every FITS center that I visit it gives me the chance to know the strategies that the FITS staff employs in order to be successful in helping those who are part of the agricultural sector.

Lengthening our view

In sports, they have their time-outs.  It's necessary just like our assessments. We need to put our pace into neutral and ask questions.

In most of our assessments we count numbers. It's fine. Then we ask what happened? Why the low, the high? We justify, which is always the normal, the common, the expected. But how about some hard questions? Questions like: Are we happy doing these activities? Are we genuinely challenged?


Ever wonder why they keep telling us that we have "a world of our own"? Let me guess.

First guess. Kindly refer to my blog "Bilog ang puso ko". In a gist, we have hearts that beat with an "e." The e is the wind at our backs, the dynamo that sweeps over us. It is what gels us together, making us stick, inseparable.

ATI holds 2013 mid-year assessment and planning workshop in Leyte

 Agricultural Training Institute-Regional Training Center 8 (ATI-RTC 8) hosted this year's mid-year assessment and planning workshop of the Institute. The activity was unique since it was the first time where all focal persons of the different programs (Rice, Organic Agriculture, High Value Crops, Rural Based Organization, Corn, and Knowledge Management) convened together to assess and plan, thus making the activity as first to have a large crowd.


Always, onward

As aptly told by Ms. Meitats in Demystifying Sagada!, the e-Learning Office coordinators’ first get-together earlier this year was in the highlands of the Cordilleras. The activity reviewed the barely two-year old e-Learning program’s considerable successes and necessarily some lessons learned, and thus properly plan for the trajectory of its future activities.

Demystifying Sagada!

I think this chronicle is long overdue. Wala na ang thrill L. But, it’s worth it naman to post it here… You might be surprised why I chosed this title. Allow me to use this as I would like to share the many delights of … our Sagada Adventure.

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