New e-Learning Courses offered through e-Extension Program for A & F

Now, e-Learning enthusiasts  have more online courses to choose from. New e-courses are ready to accept interested enrollees.

First is the Basic Agricultural Marketing Extension which is a 4-module course that covers the rudiments of agricultural marketing in an easy-to-digest material. Though it is designed for Agricultural Extension Worker in mind, it is definitely a good foundation course for anybody who wish to sell or assist in marketing farm produce. This course was developed by ATI-RTC1. Second is the course Yummy Yam: Online Course on Ubi Production. This course is about ubi production where it discusses the varieties, cultural requirements, pest and disease, cultural practices and economics, ATI-RTC7 developed this course.  Also, the revised online course on the Production of High Value Crops in Greenhouse has been uploaded. This new edition was developed by ATI-RTC3. The course has been improved to decrease the loading time.

Further, four courses will also be offered before the year ends. These are:

Online Course on Abaca Pest Management. This course deals on the identification of the major pests of abaca that cause significant decline in fiber production. The course is intended to provide basic knowledge on abaca pest management to agricultural extension workers, farmers and other stakeholders who are engaged or planning to go into abaca production;

Online Course on Integrated Pests Management for Banana. This online course has 7 modules that tackle the pest of banana ant its corresponding control measures;

Online Course on Organic Fertilizer for Sustainable Agriculture. This online course discusses methods of production and application of organic fertilizer. Likewise, it discusses the factors that could influence the quality of the organic fertilizer produced;

Online Course on Jackfruit Production. It gives information on the different jackfruit varieties to cultural management, and pest and disease management. The course also tackles harvest and postharvest production and jackfruit marketing.
To view and avail these online courses for free, register and enroll at now!(Benedict C. Natividad)