ATI Webmasters Gathered to Revamp ATIiNteractive Site

Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) WebmastersDILIMAN, Quezon City –Recognizing the continuous and rapid evolution of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) recently gathered its pool of webmasters to revamp its corporate website, including those of its network of ATI Training Centers.

Since the inception of the ATIiNteractive, the official website of the ATI, the Drupal 6 has been used as its Content Management System (CMS) and with the introduction of Drupal 7, considering its user-friendly interface, the ATI web team worked on to give their corporate websites a new look.

A total of 40 designated webmasters from the ATI Regional Training Centers (ATI-RTC) were divided into to two batches for the training-workshops dubbed as “ATIiNteractive Revamp: Drupal 7 Theming for ATI-Center Websites.”  The activity aimed to have consistency and uniformity through all of the ATI Network of Training Center’s websites.

Specifically, the webmasters streamlined menu links for all ATI Centers, updated compendium of available Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials at the ATI Centers, new uploaded contents such as videos and presentation materials and enhanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content for more web visibility.

Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) WebmastersATI Director Asterio P. Saliot noted some of the possible opportunities the website can bring. “With the new updated websites I hope that it will showcase your Center’s programs and services,” he said. “Also, I would like to see this websites as a way for the Centers to be more transparent which is in support of the government’s initiative in transparency and governance,” Saliot added.

Some topics that were discussed during the training were: current status of ATI sites, enumeration and discussion of some good practices from the ATI Centers, and working on Drupal 7 as well as updating to a new theme.

The first batch of the training-workshop was held last November 6 to 11 at the Garden Oases Resort and Convention Center, Davao City while the second batch was gathered last November 14 to18, 2011 at the AFKC Compulab, ATI Bldg., Diliman, Quezon City. (Benedict Natividad)