Research Grant: Call for Proposals

The call for proposal is open to all interested Filipino researchers from the government, non-government, state colleges and universities and private sector.


The e-elearning component of the Department of Agriculture's e-Extension Program has been offering online courses on various commodities on agriculture and fisheries since 2007. Now, with 26 online courses that were developed in collaboration with other government institutions and state colleges and universities, the program is continuously being promoted nationwide and has reached more than 10,000 internet users based on the number of registered users at the e-learning portal.


To determine how the courses benefitted its target clientele, there is a need for a Results Evaluation Study that will focus on major areas where e-learning has been widely promoted and on areas where it has not yet reached the majority of intended users. The study should aim at measuring the extent how the e-learning courses have benefitted the majority of the Program's intended audience and also in identifying the critical issues and concerns that affected the Program implementation.


Key Dates and Deadlines:

Deadline for Receipt of Intent to Apply: 30 March 2012

Deadline for Receipt of Full Proposal: 30 March 2012

Project Start Date: 30 April - 30 October 2012


For details, contact

Ms. Antonieta J. Arceo / Ms. Pamela G. Mappala

Knowledge Products Management Division

Agricultural Training Institute

ATI Building, Elliptical Road, Diliman, Quezon City



or through the Farmers' Contact Center :

Call (02) 9822474

Call/Text: 0920-9462474


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